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Do you provide Half Face, Full Face, Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs), Dust Masks, or Filtering Facepieces to your employees? If so, Future Environment Designs (FED) can help you comply with OSHA's Respiratory Protection Standard 1910.134. FED's founder Angelo Garcia, III can help you write an OSHA-compliant respiratory protection program, meet fit testing and medical evaluation requirements, and instruct your employees on proper use and care of their respirators.

What Makes Our Respirator Program So Effective?

  1. Dedication to safety —Owner and founder Angelo Garcia, III performs the fit testing and training with one objective in mind: proper fit and usage. We at FED know that the respirator is the only thing keeping employees safe from environmental hazards, and we provide time-tested expertise for effective protection.
  2. Full-face Respirator and PAPR Fit Testing —We specialize in fitting full face respirators and PAPRs for uncompromising wearer safety, appropriate for use by workers in the asbestos abatement, hazardous materials, emergency response and construction industries. As part of each fitting session, we instruct employees in the proper use, care, cleaning and storage of their respirators.
  3. Half-face Respirator Fit Testing —We fit test a wide range of high-quality, half face respirators, and instruct users in the proper use, care cleaning and storage. As with all of our services, we are always available to answer any questions that may come up later.
  4. Medical clearances —Through OMI, medical clearance is provided to ensure the worker can wear a respirator.
  5. Quantitative Fit Testing Technology —FED uses OHD's Quantifit to ensure a proper respirator fit. We can fit test the full line of half- and full-face respirators and PAPRs from trusted manufacturers like 3M, North, Sperian, Scott and MSA.
  6. Training At Your Convenience —Since 2020, now includes Online Respirator User Course as well as Online Respirator Hierarchy Course, to bring the learning right to your PC.

We can bring our Fit Testing Services to you!

We use quality respirators by 3M, North, Sperion, Scott, MSA.

Use our contact form or call (800) 060-3888 to schedule your fit testing sessions.

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At the core of Future Environment Designs is our leader and founder, Angelo Garcia, III.  FED's Principal-Industrial Hygienist, and a Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant with many other qualifications, Angelo will make a positive addition to your team.  With over 30 years of industry experience and 25 years of extensive training in New York State, Angelo has been solving industrial hygiene and safety problems since 1982.  Keeping your employees safe is his number one goal.