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Future Environment Designs has over 22 years of experience to assist you with your asbestos, lead, indoor air quality, and occupational safety and health needs. Future Environment Designs, Inc. will apply our experience to provide creative indoor air quality, industrial hygiene and safety solutions that benefit our clients.

The services that we perform for our clients include:

  • Asbestos, Lead & OSHA Compliance Training
  • Indoor Air Quality Surveys Including Air Monitoring & Testing for Chemicals, Microbials & HVAC-related Problems
  • Microbial Investigations, Assessments, Design & Remediation Monitoring
  • HVAC Surveys & Assessments
  • Indoor Air & Environmental Programs
  • Respirator Quantitative Fit Testing
  • OSHA Compliance Services
  • Respiratory Protection, Hazard Communication or Lockout/Tagout Programs
  • Exposure Control Plans
  • Supply Various Safety Equipment, Services & Supplies
  • Advise & Train on the Proper Selection and Use of Safety Equipment and Supplies

Our ethical and performance standards require us to expend every effort to achieve the best possible results. These standards require us to lead by example, by promoting health and safety during the courses and in field activities. Future Environment Designs Keeping Employees Safe.

  • Over 25 Years of Experience
  • A respected leader in solving industrial hygiene and safety problems
  • OSHA and EPA compliance Reduce costs and increase productivity