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Future Environment Designs and its staff hold Third Party Accredited Certifications and is a Minority-Owned Business. 

Accreditation is a third-party recognition that adheres to specific guidelines and/or standards.  Certification programs accredited by the Council of Engineering & Scientific Specialty Board (CESB) MUST require verifiable field experience (see the CESB's Engineering Credentials document).  Future Environment Design's staff hold the top engineering related certification.

ANGELO GARCIA, III, the founder of Future Environment Designs, has been an American Council for Accredited Certifications (ACAC) Board Member from 2005 to date.  ANGELO GARCIA, III holds the top Engineering Related (minimum of 8 years experience required) Certification in the Indoor Air Quality field.

      CIEC Certification Seal     CEOP Certification Seal     ACAC Board Member Seal     Seal of Employer of ACAC-Certified Employees

FUTURE ENVIRONMENT DESIGNS recognizes the following ACAC third party accredited certifications:

Council-certified Indoor Environmentalist   Council-certified Microbial Investigator   Council-certified Residential Mold Investigator  Council-certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor  Council-certified Microbial Remediator  Council-certified Residential Microbial Remediator  Council-certified Indoor Environmental Supervisor

Council-certified Indoor Environmental Remediator  Council-certified Environmental Infection Control Consultant  Council-certified Environmental Infection Control Investigator  Council-certified Environmental Infection Control Supervisor  Council-certified Environmental Infection Control Remediator  Council-certified Environmental Thermography Consultant  Council-certified Environmental Thermography Investigator

Council-certified Structural Drying Supervisor  Council-certified Structural Drying Remediator  Council-certified Indoor Air Quality Manager  Council-certified Microbial Claims Adjuster  Council-certified Residential Indoor Environmentalist

Future Environment Designs is a Minority-Owned Business:

New York State Certification Letter 

New York City Certification Letter